Profiles in Arrogance - A Brief Commentary on Understanding our Progressive Ruling Class and How They Destroyed America

“…Of course I know you’re a Socialist [Progressive]. So am I.  I mean we’re all Socialists [Progressives] nowadays.  But I don’t see why you have to give all your money away and make friends with the lower classes.  You can be a Socialist [Progressive] and have a good time, that’s what I say.” – Hermione (1)


My edits aside, that is how Orwell presented the fictitious personality of the “warm hearted, unthinking Socialist [Progressive]…who only wants to abolish poverty and does not always grasp what this implies” (2).  In this second reference, he spelled out our current situation a bit clearer…and hints at the sinister nature of the beast…even while making his case for Socialism:


“The truth is that to many people, calling themselves Socialists [Progressives], revolution [Hope and Change] does not mean a movement of the masses with which they hope to associate themselves; it means a set of reforms which ‘we’, the clever ones, are going to impose of them, the Lower Orders.” (2)


A clever ruling class…imposing…reforms…on others…with no grasp on (or even regard for) the implications – Orwell seems to have known 2010 America quite well. 


For more than two years now (yes, some of the disgrace extends back to the last administration) the “Lower Orders” have been very publically insulted on a regular basis with the excessive spending of our monies, frequent flagrant disregard for anything close to a legitimate legislative process, and cynical disregard for laws and lawmaking. (What was TARP money supposed to used for?  What was supposed to be done with repaid TARP money?  You have to pass the bill so we can know what is in it?)


Electoral upheavals, as they may very well come in the next couple of cycles, will help but I fear they will prove mostly just cathartic exercises – our federal bureaucracies, the structural changes already in place, and the corruptive nature of the beltway will see to that.  The bigger problem…and impediment to real recovery on the economic and freedom front…will continue to be the now broken myth of the natural sanctity of our laws.


When the history of a broken American decade (or more) is being written from the 2025 perspective, Obamacare and unimaginably huge deficits may be largely the focus but I suspect Amity Shlaes (in my most current issue of Imprimis) nailed the moment the cut to the American jugular occurred with barely a whimper from the then Tea Party-less electorate:


“Property rights are endangered as well by the ongoing assault on contracts generally.  A perfect example of this was the treatment of Chrysler bonds during the company’s bankruptcy, where senior secured creditors were ignored, notwithstanding the status of their bonds under bankruptcy law.  The current administration made a political decision to subordinate those contracts to union demands.  That sent a dangerous signal for the future that U.S. bonds are not trustworthy.”


It is the implications of this arrogant, extra-legal maneuvering that we will be dealing with for quite some time to come.  At least their Progressive hearts were in the right place. (…?)



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