Three Cheers for Number 38

Times seemed so simple then before our most recent quickening.  Those long ago days of ’06 and early ’07 when it seemed almost every weekend found at least one all consuming global warming thread here at Redstate.  Our local giants took on all comers in those grand debates…they were educational and very entertaining. I do so wish I had kept more links to some of them.


I make no claims to any substantive added value to any of that dialog but I am proud that I was cheering for the right side and occasionally provided my unsolicited take on an issue or two.  Sometimes even drawing reply commentary from the big players on both sides…Joliphant, pliny, gamecock, Socrates, and Misters Hinz, Stevens, and Chance, just to name a few…that always made my day.


On today’s fast shifting sands of the once laughably claimed “settled debate” I occasionally come across something that reminds me of something I swear I once took a position on.  Maybe even posting something crazy like this (1):


Unfortunately, it’s the behavior of those who generally fall on my side of this debate that causes me to chime in so late to this discussion. The nearly universal reflex to concede something along the lines of “we all agree that there has been some warming…blah, blah, blah” based on no real scientific data is really starting to irritate me. Your “memory” of colder winters and milder summers wherever you happened to be at the time is not science and certainly not a measure of “Global Climate”.


Or even this (2):


My current issue is with the all-to-common urge by even honest and reasonable people to make statements like this:


“I am willing to concede the earth has warmed 1 degree over the past 100 years…”


Ultimately that may be true but it is far from established fact so why concede anything at all? The available data doesn’t support anything near that much of an increase (if any at all). I also believe the “consensus” among the general public that things “just seem” warmer now is flat out wrong or that any increase is so negligible that no one could honestly detect a trend over their lifetime.


Now three and a half years later, I appreciate the public support in spirit from none other than the 38th ranked certified denier.  I give you Frank J. Tipler (3):


But human bias is human bias. I myself have looked at some of the raw data from surface stations that measure the Earth’s temperature.  The raw data are from selected sites in the USA, in New Zealand, in Australia, and in Sweden. I selected these sites because I’m reasonably sure they will not have bias due to changing human habitation, or human wars, or human politics. These sites show no warming in the twentieth century. So I have to conclude that we don’t even know if there was any warming on Earth in the twentieth century.


Notice that I am not saying that there has been no warming, just that the available raw data that I’ve personally been able to check do not show it. Until all the raw temperature data are placed online, so the data can be checked by anybody, a rational person has to suspend belief in global warming, to say nothing of AGW.


Oh, by the way, Mr. Tipler also reminds us that their witnesses have impeached themselves:


The official government adjusted data for these sites do show a warming trend. All the warming is in the “corrections.” Sorry, I don’t buy it. Especially from “scientists” who are known to “correct’ their raw data to “hide the decline.”


I rest my case.


All kidding aside, my memories of those on-line debates are probably skewed a bit toward the “fond” side because the tide has since shifted so dramatically.  Back then there was no indication if or when such a shift may happen.  It truly was an uphill battle for what are today called “deniers” and what debate there was occurred mainly in out of the way places like this.  It’s hard to say what impact, if any, such conversations had on the greater cause but the warriors involved should be commended for staying true to the cause.  They held the line here at Redstate and that helped me maintain my sanity on this issue.



Proud Redstate Member since April 2006…?


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