Echoes of ’75…

…emotions are high, tempers are short, and the time for talking (constructive debate) is nearly through.  It’s time to play out the hand. 


The good guys are greatly outnumbered but firmly occupy the moral high ground (that’s why they’re the good guys).  The case is simple:


Hence, in this state of nature [inviolable right to personal liberty, and personal safety], no man has any moral power to deprive another of his life, limbs, property, or liberty; nor the least authority to command, or exact obedience from him; except that which arose from the ties of consanguinity. 


Hence also, the origin of all civil government, justly established, must be a voluntary compact, between the rulers and the ruled; and must be liable to such limitations, as are necessary for the security of the absolute rights of the latter; for what original title can any man or set of men have, to govern others, except their own consent?  To usurp dominion over a people, in their own despite, or to grasp at a more extensive power than they are willing to entrust, is to violate that law of nature, which gives every man a right to his personal liberty; and can, therefore, confer no obligation of obedience. 



When the first principles of civil society are violated, and the rights of a whole people are invaded, the common forms of municipal law are not to be regarded…In short, when human laws contradict or discountenance the means, which are necessary to preserve the essential rights of any society, they defeat the proper end of all laws, and so become null and void.Alexander Hamilton, The Farmer Refuted (1775)


(Emphasis added.)


(Of course, the perverse mind of the modern American liberal instantly reads the utopian right to mandatory “free” health care for all into Hamilton’s “state of nature” …oblivious to the contradictions to liberty that such a practice necessitates.  Or are they?   To be sure, where that ignorance does not exist, evil does.)


To be clear, while I obviously cannot resist them myself, comparisons of the struggle against the Obama socialist surge to the American Revolution are grand overstatements in general and usually a real stretch in specifics.  I do not for a moment suggest that within weeks or months the fifty colonies will be in armed resistance against a distant, oppressive, nonresponsive parliament and an arrogant, piddling king.  (Though both target entities listed here certainly do exist.)  That will not happen, nor should it.


However, very dangerous games are rumored to be ongoing in DC.  Change for the sake of change has been ordered from the top and the titled representatives of the people are determined to make change happen.  They seem well focused on the immediate political and electoral risks of their actions without seeming to notice…or acknowledge…that they are playing a much bigger game than that.  A game that can have much more significant consequences.


Unfortunately, sometimes change…monumental change…can happen very quickly.  Once triggered, events of change can take on a life of their own.  I’ve referenced it before but in 2010 America it’s hard to imagine that in less than 45 days between confirmation of Lincoln’s electoral win and actually assuming the powers of the office, seven states left the Union…the confederacy gained amazing momentum in unbelievably short order and the stage was set for a very messy period of American history. (1)


Again, I am not suggesting even the slightest parallel or magnitude to events today but I am reminded of what a wise Redstater once said: “Those who learn from history are surrounded by those destined to repeat it.” (Or something like that.)  Evidently, change is coming…undoubtedly, the American Spirit can handle it…God only knows if the republic will endure it.


On this wonderfully pleasant Saturday afternoon in North Texas…after a lazy, playful, and free morning with the wife and kids and dogs in the backyard…it’s hard to comprehend just how different…and dimmer…my America may be a week from now.



Proud Redstate “Old Timer” – 5 years 6 months


(1) http://www.redstate.com/ntrepid/2009/04/18/sophomoric-wilsonianism-and-the-soul-of-growing-discontent/