Mead’s Kinder, Gentler “Ntrepid” Moment

This morning’s perusal of Instapundit links sent me to Walter Russell Mead’s “How Al Gore Wrecked Planet Earth(1) which, in turn, warmed my heart and left me reminiscing about some of the great Redstate global warming discussions from 2006-2007.  Some of my (admittedly amateurish) contributions are archived (2)…links to other, more substantive entries would be greatly appreciated.


Exact content aside, I enjoyed the jabbing repetitive flow of this passage:


Frankly, I blame Al Gore.  Unlike naive scientists who know little about life beyond the lab, or eco-activists whose concepts of the international political system come from writing direct-mail solicitations to true believers in rich countries, the former vice-president had decades of experience with high politics.  It was his job to provide the leadership that could channel the energy and concern of this movement into an effective political program.  Perhaps there’s a story we don’t know yet about how Mr. Gore labored quietly and in vain for many years to …. Perhaps he reminded them… Perhaps he tried to explain to them …Perhaps he urged them … Perhaps he begged them…


That could have happened, but I don’t think it did.  I think Al Gore failed the climate change movement and that his negligence and blindness has done it irreparable harm.


No doubt he did fail them…his very nature necessitated it.  As I humbly recorded…and still stand by…in this comment to a 2007 pilgrim diary (3):


Possibly the Laziest Mind in Modern American Politics


So the common myth goes…the environment is THE issue most important to Mr. Gore for which he long ago chose Global Warming as his vehicle to save us from ourselves.


It simply amazes me (not really) that this Envirosavior has done so very little to truly educate himself about the real science behind his issue.  He’s been verifiably underemployed since January 1993 – except for his 2000 run for office – so even at a slow, self-paced, night school-like course load he could have several related technical degrees by now.  All kidding aside, at the very least he has been in a position to command access to THE REAL SCIENCE COMMUNITY and could have compiled quite an impressive informal education in the climate field.  Unfortunately, he has chosen the road most traveled and ended up in the Hollywood spotlight.  (…and triggered a long awaited backlash by real scientists.)


I can only explain his last 15 years as unserious and intellectually lazy.  The man who robotically passed on the planted phrase “no controlling legal authority” is obviously not a thinker.  Yet, I so do hope he makes things interesting for the other side with a big announcement later this year.


It is actually worse than Mr. Mead admits.  The former VP not only failed his team politically, his lust for fame and fortune drew much attention…eventually maximum overexposure… and finally the tipping point.  The backlash referenced in the comment above was probably well into its infancy at that point but it was little more than a pipe dream in mid-2006 (4):


Maybe someone should make a feature length “documentary” to educate people…and reenergize the already settled debate.  I’m sure the real climate experts would enjoy another shot at the mythical scientific consensus and it could only do the general public a whole lot of good.


Thanks Al. Seriously.


So, in all honesty, I repeat: Thanks Al.



Proud Redstate “Old Timer” – 5 years 6 months

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