Rebellious Momentum and the Strengthening Soul of Discontent

“Revolutions, it is commonly observed, often break out not when circumstances are next to intolerable but when conditions begin rapidly to improve.” – Robert Bork, Slouching Towards Gomorrah


If there is any truth in the above statement then somewhere there exists a threshold beyond which a mocked and belittled protest movement accelerates into something more substantive.


I suspect that we are currently very near the point where Katrina Vanden Betterthanyou’s “Teabaggers” transform into something near a perpetual civil revolution machine. 


(A not-so-quick side note: The smirky condescension with which that term is tossed around by classless TV punditry these days…just as it was signaled from the top for them to do last April…should offend even those Americans not moved to protest by a government’s lurch toward un-Americanism.  Sadly, most in that category are easily entertained by just that type of sophomoric liberalism and wouldn’t understand such rudeness unless code words with fewer syllables like “negro” were used.  On that note, it does make you wonder what other words Senator Reid and his in-crowd use privately in reference to their other core constituency groups.  Think about that as you retire for the evening comfortably in your civil partnership or tomorrow morning when you put on you union badge or cap.  No, they’re not using you…they respect you….especially during election years.)


The point is that momentum has been growing for some time and after the “break out” referenced above this thing may really take on a life of its own (if it hasn’t already). 


It will not matter if Scott Brown wins.  Sure, a win will be an instant boost to the movement’s momentum but at the same time there is now no way for Team Coakley-Obama to win cleanly.  A dirty win for them will only feed the soul of discontent which will in turn boost momentum. 


Similarly, it will not matter if Obamacare passes or not.  Defeating it will be an instant boost to the movement’s momentum but there is also no way for it to pass cleanly.  A dirty “reform” with the added fanfare of an in-your-face signing ceremony will feed the soul of discontent and again boost momentum.


The administration and their minions have unwittingly nurtured this soul from infancy…keeping alive a movement that should have been nothing more than a largely forgotten weekend and a couple of news cycles not perfectly scripted by the White House.  Now everything they do will only make it stronger.


The kicker is that 2009 unfolded in such a way that Obamacare is just a battle in the larger war against the Obama agenda.  Unfortunately for them, armies revolutions of a season* are swift and ruthless and they don’t just win battles…they win wars.



Proud Redstate “Old Timer” – 5 years 4 months


*Apologies to Dr. Hanson…and by the way Redstaters, everyone should read VDH often and my special recommendation for “The Soul of Battle”.