I Am Ben Nelson

In the spirit on Spartacus, I wish I could muster all of my Cornhusker bona fides…to include but not be limited to my eternal longing for the return of the tear away jersey, the fond memories of the greatest game program photo ever: Wonder Monds, my attendance at the 101th straight sell out at Memorial Stadium (no, the Ntrepid parents weren’t about to give the youngster a ticket to the 100th vs a ranked Penn State), and the sincerest belief that not only was Tommie Frazier robbed of the Heisman Trophy but the statue itself should forever be remade in his image…and go “all in” to stand by an honorable Senator from the great state of my birth.


Alas, I cannot.  To do so regarding the matter at hand would dishonor four generations of Bug Eaters on both sides of my family on principle alone.  Oh, there is also this, the above referenced Senator is not honorable….I suspect he is a scoundrel.


I don’t think I could make up anything more insulting than this paragraph from an email response the senator sent to at least one of his constituents:


An important part of my decision was the fact that had this bill not been approved with my vote, the alternative for the Senate leadership was to use a procedure called “Budget Reconciliation.” This procedure would have enabled passage of a much less conservative bill, requiring only 51 votes in the Senate. I supported this bill for two reasons:  first, because the reconciliation alternative would have included a government-run plan and would not have been as beneficial for Nebraskans; and second, because it will deliver relief from rising health care costs to Nebraska families, workers, rural communities, and employers. This bill takes a market-based approach, offering tax credits for middle-class Americans to help make insurance more affordable; and it improves the delivery of health care for all of us while reducing the deficit.


So it appears that the senator agreed to join the invaders as they strolled through our front door to poke us in the eye and steal some of our belongings in order to keep his party leadership from breaking in through the back door to punch us in the gut and steal all of our belongings.  Somehow, in the twisted world of Modern Liberalism that is 2009 2010 America, I guess that is supposed to make him some kind of hero as opposed to an accomplice.  Mr. Nelson really hopes that you are smart enough to appreciate the nuance of his position…and pull his polling numbers out of the crapper.  I’m not buying it.


And to top it off, his last statement indicates that he seems to expect that we don’t understand that he knows full well that the inputs to the CBO scoring have been manipulated to such a great extent that the resulting analysis is all but meaningless to intelligent people.  (By the way, have you noticed that all of the once nearly reflexive references to the “non-partisan CBO” were dropped completely from media coverage a couple of months ago.  Apparently, even they became too uncomfortable with the blurred lines and close coordination going on between the input-ers and output-ers in this sick perversion of the American legislative process.)


As for the senator and his strained explanation above, I believe Dr. Franklin diagnosed this psychological syndrome long ago:


“So convenient a thing it is to be a reasonable creature, since it enables one to find or make a reason for everything one has a mind to do.”


Mr. Nelson should feel lucky if in the end he and his years of service to a proud state are merely written completely out of Nebraska history.  The anonymity would be far preferable to the permanent stain upon his name acquired while attending to Harry Reid’s needs.


Nebraskans may take some solace in the extreme pressure required to sway their Senator.  In the end, at least the good Majority Leader had the decency to throw them a bone or two…kind of like tossing them a towel with a suggestion of putting some ice on that bloody lip before he left the room.


I am NOT Ben Nelson.



Proud Redstate “Old Timer” – 5 years 4 months