Hey, Beltway Elitist Snobs, Shove that Smugness up Your David Brooks!

“She’s a Joke.” 

Sunday morning round table expertise boiled the entire ongoing Palin phenomenon to these three simple words on last week’s Stephanopoulos show.  There may have been some (light hearted enough to barely contain the condescension) bantering and mild dissent but the tone I was getting all around seemed to indicate that the whole table thought it beneath them even to discuss her.

I don’t happen to be a Sarah Palin hyper-fanatic by any means but she does interest me.  Through a long line of events, some well beyond her control, she now effectively combines a certain natural magnetism…an infectious attraction…with the large stage she was initially given only controlled access to and has since cultivated into something real…for the moment.  She now undeniably commands a rather large spotlight on the nightly off-year, cable political programming schedule.  She has a voice in current political discussions and it is real…especially with a large and growing segment of the American electorate.  Many of our prized elitist national opinion makers on both sides of the aisle cannot seem to grasp this…those pigs are obviously better, smarter, and more equal than the rest of us animals.

This may be only a flash or it may prove a lasting appeal.  I certainly don’t know and, given my growing cynicism regarding this snobby Washington talking head class over the last several years, I have no confidence they do either.  I suspect more than one of their types similarly derided citizen Reagan back in ’64 and Governor Reagan in ’77.

Fools write off any national political future for her in November 2009.

I guess I should embrace this new era of ultra-bluntness ushered in the Mr. Brooks.  Maybe George S. could add a “[Blank]’s a Joke” segment every week.  Stripped down to raw job performance, leadership, and competence while applying governance standards and expectations consistent with any public high school student council, I will submit to nomination a three way tie this week for President Obama, AG Holder, and Sec. Clinton.

Unfortunately, that joke is on us.



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