The Sliding Scales of American Liberal Social Justice

(Ntrepid Lessons for all Ages…Learn Them While You’re Young)


And so it was…as a rambunctious high school senior, your humble correspondent had run afoul of a very well thought out, firmly established, and oh-so-PC school policy and the wheels of the small town public school kangaroo justice system were spun up with extreme haste…we’re talking special school board sessions and all:


The high school principal stood firmly behind the policy…”The rules are the rules!”


The school superintendent stood firmly behind the policy…”No exceptions allowed!”


The school board (minus one honorable abstention) behaving much like the Gov’s cabinet in Blazing Saddles stood firmly behind the policy…”Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! What’s going on here…these paddle balls are defective!”


I bring up this bit of embarrassing Ntrepid history in order to point out that it was a mere two or three years later that the same superintendant’s son along with at least one other faculty offspring very publically found themselves in violation of the same policy and of course it was handled with all the consistency and intellectual contortionism of the American Left:


The high school principal displayed substantial backbone…”Where is that rule book anyway?”


The school superintendent stood firmly behind his wife…”This is obviously a flawed policy and needs to be revisited before we can ever actually implement it.”


The school board stood firmly to protect their phony-baloney jobs…”What policy?”


Lesson learned.




Working my way towards modern day, more than a decade later I found myself sympathizing with the House Managers during a slightly more important affair…those poor saps.  For most of the decade leading up to their battle, American societal consensus was set…noticing pubic hairs on Coke cans was harassment and anything closer to sex than that was a fire-able offense and most likely rape. No questions asked.


That is, until a President from the appropriate political party indulges in a little intern diddling and then all of a sudden ACLU cheerleaders and Democrat-leaning pundits everywhere couldn’t spot sexual harassment if it smacked them in the face with a “naturally” lubricated cigar.  (My apologies to any reader who may have been in the U.S. Senate back then…you obviously will not understand that reference.)


And that brings us to the current Supreme Court nominee.  No, I’m not hinting that she has an inappropriate history with interns or even an interesting fetish for rolled tobacco products…I won’t even pretend to know what’s truly in her heart regarding other races.  I will state unequivocally that her statement on record being discussed at length these days is absolutely racist.  At least it was until now.  Not so long ago, a “Lott” less was a fire-able offense…just ask anyone in the MSM.


Much has been debated about how the Republicans should play this out in hearings and what they should even dare say aloud in public or in private.  With respect to confirmation, it most likely doesn’t matter.  But this is a valuable teaching opportunity and the larger than normal news-consuming audience during the confirmation hearings should be exposed as much as possible to the hypocrisy and tortured Democrat logic produced to defend her. 


Obviously, this is more about baby steps.  This will not produce a mass conversion to the cause overnight but it will plant little seeds in the minds of many who are new to the audience.  These little seeds and the truckloads being provided daily by President Obama and his administration will be important down the road a ways.


As a bonus, this exercise in splitting hairs for an acceptable  bifurcated definition of racism should also further reduce the future effectiveness of that dreaded race card.



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