Sophomoric Wilsonianism and the Soul of Growing Discontent

To be honest, I’m not sure I can yet adequately define Sophomoric Wilsonianism as I intended it in the title.  As for now this not-quite-defined phrase keeps bouncing around in my head as the best possible way to describe what is really more of a gut feeling of how I see this administration unfolding with its dangerous mandate for undefined “change”.  I suspect the proper definition will become much clearer to me and everyone else over the next four to eight years.  In the end, I don’t think it will be a proud picture for Americans of either political party.

However, the implied intellectual arrogance combined with executive immaturity does lead to my concern with how this President is handling the later part of the title.  This week we witnessed a very public but somewhat yet smoldering display of discontent with the Tea Parties.  We also saw an arrogantly dismissive attitude by the administration and its manipulative marginalization of the fledgling movement through its proxies in the Irrelevant Media Outlets.  This calculated response by a feverishly expanding government may very well feed the soul of revolt.

History shows us that wounds can fester for quite some time and maybe never amount to much more than minor societal irritants.  Unfortunately, whole civilizations can unravel very fast when sufficiently triggered.  In less than 45 days between confirmation of Lincoln’s electoral win and actually assuming the powers of the office, seven states left the Union…the revolution gained amazing momentum in unbelievably short order and the stage was set for a very messy period of American history.

No, I am not suggesting that a non-negligible number of Tea Parties across the country on one day in April means that we are on the verge of another bloody split in the Union.  I do think that if this is not handled with the respect it deserves, a rather extended cold war may quickly evolve between many states and the Federal behemoth. (This may be overdue as it is and already on a hair trigger.)  With very few exceptions, the appointees of this executive branch need to adopt a much more mature posture and tone…especially given the immensely powerful tools they have been handed in the legislature.

Tread lightly Mr. President.


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