January Presidential To-Do List: Pardon Van Diepen, Fingar, and Brill…Then Fire Them

As fate would have it, the current month in the greatest free society the world has ever known will give two men the opportunity to execute the title maneuver.  Both should jump at the chance but even the seditious elements within our intelligence community could easily assess “moderate-to-high confidence” that neither will.  Shame.


Since the names Vann Van Diepen, Thomas Fingar, and Kenneth Brill are not even familiar to most news junkies, everyone should familiarize themselves with the first chapter on Bill Gertz’s “The Failure Factory” to understand the extent of the subversion perpetrated by these men in foisting the fraudulent 2007 National Intelligence Estimate on us and our elected officials charged with protecting us and conducting foreign policy.


To an even greater extent, Mr. Gertz illustrates how only a relatively few treasonous individuals among the unelected bureaucratic cores of the U.S. Government can effectively operate well above their pay grades and force the hand of our elected officials instead of performing the appropriate supporting/advisory role.  Overt acts such as this and habitual leaking of classified information to the press make the world a more dangerous place and should not be tolerated even if 90% of the unaccountable bureaucrats are probably on your side.  (Attention please, Mr. Obama.)


President Bush should take this opportunity to shine one last lame duck spotlight on the eight year war waged against him from within his own branch of government.  All Americans should be outraged.  I humbly suggest a very public event to announce the pardons and fully document what actions brought them about.  Just as those headlines begin to fade, another event should be called to announce the firing of all three individuals involved and to again recount the actions that lead to the terminations.


Of course, the pardons would be completely unnecessary for legal purposes since there is absolutely no threat of any charges being brought for treason or lesser crimes in this sad episode.  However, Presidential pardons would properly document for history that the Office of the President of the United States of America considered acts committed by these three faceless, unelected, unaccountable individuals who serve at his pleasure to be serious enough to warrant the attention, consideration, and legal protection of the leader of the free world.  Plus, this two step process of kindness followed by accountability could easily be spun as the last acts of compassion and conservatism performed in office by #43.


If Mr. Bush passes, the newly sworn-in President Obama should enact some swift justice to send a strong signal that such rogue activity will not be tolerated during his four or eight years and to establish precedence for maintaining solid unitary executive authority for future presidents of any party.  Unfortunately, given recent nomination decisions by Mr. Obama, there is again “moderate-to-high confidence” that he would do no such thing.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago with the examples of Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Browner (1), the incoming Commander-in-Chief doesn’t seem overly concerned about surrounding himself with characters that have verifiable track records of not being suitable for “any future position of public or private trust”.  (The ease with which these people disregard rules of authority and secrecy…not to mention laws…can only flow down to reinforce the mindset that allows the Van Diepen’s, Fingar’s, and Brill’s of the world to rationalize their dishonorable actions.  But, I digress.)


Regardless, these actions need to be done. U.S. citizens should insist on order in their government.  Career government employees far and wide should applaud any president who clears the ranks of those who make them all look bad.  Finally, Presidents must insist that those who work for the POTUS know they will face real consequences if they act out against their boss.  They may still do it but they should not keep filling and/or advancing to even more powerful position in our government



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