The Big Three and the Hazards of (Fake) Crisis Politics

(My Humble Take on What is Now a Large Part of the Problem)

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 CRISIS: A dangerously unstable state in which a decisive change is immediately required. (Merriam-Webster’s through the Ntrepid filter.)

Many will remember that we were (told that we were) in the midst of a health care “crisis” in 1993.  Since then, largely nothing beyond a lot of talking has been done about it and…well, most of us are still here. Yet the voting-base-rousing topic continues to be an effective liberal pandering point every election cycle.


It is my impression that the Big Three fell into the trap of believing these politicians had any intention of or the legislative fortitude to actually alleviate the “crisis”.  (If the crisis was real and the public knew it, wouldn’t this require relatively little political capital and wouldn’t it reap immense electoral benefits.  Yet, nothing.)  Anyway, Detroit seems to have waded ever deeper into destructive union contracts with the inferred understanding that they would not have to make good on them in the long run because Big Government would eventually live up to its Universal Healthcare campaign rhetoric and relieve them of the overwhelming financial burdens that now foul their business models.


Ironically, the electoral planets have recently aligned to give the Universal-Healthcare-ists full functional control of this ship but they will now be necessarily forced to deal with this and other messes that they helped to create way back during that long vacation from history that we call the Ninety’s.


I prefer more descriptive made-up terms like Campaign Rhetoric Induced Corrective Action or Government-Automaker Business Reset to the negatively overused “bailout” but whatever it’s called it is necessary at this point.  However, along with the large amounts of cash we must insist on a meaningful restructuring of the bad faith (by the implied third party) contracts that are suffocating the industry.




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