A Fateful New Horizon

It may be an unfortunate, yet unavoidable, law of nature but sometimes when governing documents require a change of horse in midstream, a majority may choose instead to change (even for only the sake of change itself) to the convenience of the expertly marketed, all inclusive passing party barge…even as the rudderless free-for-all floats dangerously close to the silent, inescapable influence threshold of a nearby waterfall. The party will continue in ignorance for quite some time but the ending will have already been predetermined.

Despite any cathartic glee that may be expressed in many corners of American society in the coming weeks, I mourn for future generations both here and abroad.

Silly “doom-and-gloom” introduction aside, this is a pivotal point in history. Reaching way back to borrow heavily from the concerns of our founders, it must be stressed that once rallied to synchronized envy the masses will be no less tyrannical than kings*. The covetous are now selecting their king and the perpetual money-for-votes / votes-for-money dance will soon begin to the torment of the rightful property of the envied. That dance is ultimately unsustainable and all will eventually suffer.

(*Plagiarism Alert: Lifted and then probably misused a phrase that stuck with me from bio on A. Hamilton by Chernow.)

Why so much long term gloom? Well, I fear the perfect storm of an uninhibited ultra-liberal left and the return of HRC 2012.0. That’s right, given a President Obama in 2009, I fear a 2012 coalition that replaces Sir Biden on the ticket with the again-reinvented Senator from New York in order to set her up for two terms of her own. (No, I don’t fear – or discount because of – a candidates age into his/her mid-seventies.)

In the past I have argued that a resurgence of conservatism may begin as early as 2010 following a loss of the executive branch this November. Given the tidal surge that appears to be washing leftward with the totally uncritical, fully open support of the MSM, I worry that there may already be 8-12 years of electoral momentum built into the system. I am afraid.

I fear the state of the country in 2025. I fear the state of the world in 2025. I fear the impact of a packed Supreme Court for a generation beyond that.

There may be dark days ahead. Brace yourself.


Proud Member for 4 Years and 1 Month

PS Contrary to previous assertions and my personal dislike of the very concept of early voting, I did cast my vote against Senator Obama yesterday. Thank you John E.

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