I am the poor and you owe me!!!

Obama says that he wants to redistribute wealth to make sure that I get my fair share. He says that we need to do this by taxing the rich in order to take some of the burden off the poor.

Well I am here to tell you that I am the so called poor. I make about 25,000 a year. As of right now I pay absolutely no federal or state taxes. At the end of the year I get a nice check back from Uncle Sam(YOU) for about $5,000.  With 2 kids and a wife I am required to pay nothing. In fact they try to encourage me to take more.

When my first son was born me and my wife were not married yet and therefore I could not put her on my insurance. We went down to get the government run insurance until we did get married.  I was a bartender in Nevada at the time and made plenty of money in tips but nothing on paper.

When I arrived at this welfare office they tried to push everything under the sun on me. I told them that I just needed to get my wife covered until we get married. They said that on paper I made a low enough income to get this that and the other thing. I told them that I make plenty of money for food, rent, bills ect. and there reply was “You might as well get it…it’s free”

This is the problem… they all think everything they get is free. It is not free the taxpayer picks up the bill.

I think that Rush put it best in his first book, “America’s safety net doesn’t have any holes in it. The problem is that too many people are using that safety net as a hammock.”