The Stadium's Half Empty

1) Why was the RNC seemingly poorly attended last night? It seemed like half the seats were empty?

2) Why is everyone so upset with Campbell Brown who asked a simple question of Tucker Bounds who couldn’t answer it.

3) Why were there almost no people of color in the RNC auditorium? I mean, I know there are a few black and hispanic R’s, but the view on CSPAN was overwhelmingly white and elderly.

4) Why is it wrong to question a candidate (who is so vehemently anti-choice and so clearly in favor of abstinence only sex ed in schools) if her sex ed policy positions failed her unwed, teenage daughter? Nobody is knocking Bristle as a person. In fact, everyone with a heart wishes this poor child well with the heavy burden she has taken on at such a tender age. But to avoid the irony here is a disservice to thinking people?

5) Last, and most importantly, why was there virtually no mention of any of the serious policy issues facing many Americans last night? No discussion on gas prices (other than saying offshore drilling which, even GW’s people agree will not impact prices in the near term)? No discussion of food prices? No discussion of health care? No discussion of education? No discussion of the war or the failure to kill Osama Bin Laden? Even Steve Schmidt is on record as saying that this campaign isn’t about issues? Do you all really believe this? Is abortion more important than all these pressing issues?

I ask these things sincerely and being a thinking person of reasonable mind, I am capable of changing my beliefs if persuaded with well reasoned logic. Keep in mind, heartfelt answers may have the desired effect of bringing another person to the McCain camp. Vitriol and hatred will reflect poorly on the respondent.