Deflated About Postponed Convention

I am feeling despondent about the postponement of the convention. I realize that it wouldn’t look so cool for us to be celebrating all we have to be proud of over the last 8 years while New Orleans faces another drowning. I mean, its sooo unfair how President Bush takes the rap for the botched response to Katrina when it was clearly the failure of that awful Mayor Naggin. But I am puzzled even further by the Lord’s seeming error. Rev Dobson asked us all to pray for rain on Obama’s thursday night, outdoor speech. So why is He bringing such devastating rain to NO again and forcing our righteous meeting to be preempted? I thought most of the gays and other sinners had been killed or displaced by the last flood. So I have to believe this is some kind of oversight on the Lord’s part. Surely he meant for this to happen on thursday in Denver.

Maybe we should do like President Bush suggested just after 9/11 and show our solidarity to those in the Gulf Coast by moving ahead with our convention, shopping and supporting the St. Paul economy. I mean we want to instill in those folks that we are confident that a win in november will herald a new, confident period of the solid Republican leadership for which we’re the very model. Let’s kick it into gear and show New Orleans how fired up WE are!