The Health Care Summit is a National Tragedy

One hour into the Health Care Summit this morning, you could tell what a harmful work of political theatrics was unfolding. What is the President thinking?  Charles Krauthammer believes that he can present himself as the calm, sane moderator in a room of widely divergent, “undisciplined” children. He may be right. But is this how a President governs a republic? This is an ostentatious display of campaign politics, and campaigns are divisive. Permanent campaign is detrimental to the stability of any country.


The President is attempting to shame Republicans into conceding their principles or simply give them enough rope to hang themselves with an inconsistent sound bite. That’s a political maneuver and a clever one, but its brazenness is disturbing. The audacity of its disdain for the established process of making legislation in this country is shocking.


Who believes what we are watching has anything to do with health care anymore? Only the most cynical of stalwart partisans still hear the facts in this debate, still read the CBO cost estimates of the new proposals, one after the other.  This legislation has absorbed more than a year of this country’s time and national energy. We have debated it to the point of stalemate and even a majority Democrat congress cannot pass it. Were this any other administration the issue would have been declared dead and buried months ago, as was the case with immigration reform attempts in 2007.  Why are we still talking about this?


Campaigns end. That’s why they are campaigns, they have objectives and those objectives are achieved or not. Health care is beyond that now, it is a crusade. This is not governance, it is agitation. It must be stopped before it has a lasting effect.