Republican Senate Candidates Debate - Virginia

I have been most disgusted this week to learn that apparently Virginia Capitol Correspondents Association and Virginia Associated Press are hosting a debate between George Allen and Tim Kaine prior to the Republican Primary Election.   I sincerely hope that this is misinformation.   I have tried emailing Associated Press but to date have not received a reply.

I certainly do not want the Media choosing the candidates for me.   It has been facinating watching the Republican Presidential Candidates debate and I think as a member of the public, it has enabled me to learn what the different Candidate stand for.   If this is based on money raised by Candidtes surely it is far to early to make this judgement, 9 months before the primary.  I wonder what the Republican Party of Virginia’s opinion is in this matter.

Am I the only Virginian who is outraged by this decision???   Does anyone have further information on this matter.