Glancing over both the Republican and Democrat tickets, both seem an even mix. Now take yourselves a couple of years into the future. The Democratic ticket is dangerous, thanks to Biden. He said last night in the debate he will not change and he lacks discipline. There is a reason the Democrats never nominated him for president. Biden also said Obama wants him in on all matters for his judgement, shouldn’t he have said opinion? Obama even called Biden the next president of the United States. The country is in a terrible mess and it will take time to fix it, both tickets are under tremendous pressure to perform. Once the econimic tide starts to turn, Biden will emerge. I do not believe he fully supports Obama; I think he fully supports anything that will get him into office. In time, Biden will start to undermine Obama for his own gain. The problems at home may get fixed, but the United States will not be the shining star of Democracy if the President and Vice President are attacking each other. Biden is a bully, Obama should have picked better.