Why Eliminating the Death Tax Matters to You

Most of us, myself included, think the death tax is a burden only for wealthy people who get left exorbitant amounts of money. The following article from the Heritage Foundation explains how it affects everyone, as wealthy people invest less (which means less businesses and jobs) and inherited businesses are often sold or closed, because the people inheriting it don’t have the outright money to pay the death tax…it is all tied up in the business.


Annmarie Spiciarich is a retired police sergeant. She has a MA in Forensic Psychology, with a certificate in Terrorism from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She currently works as a community mental health counselor at a suicide hotline.
Check out her website and contact her at:
www.NotWithoutRepresentation.com or her blog at http://NotWithoutRepresentation.blogspot.com.

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