Dear Hypocrites of the NAACP

Dear Hypocrites of the NAACP:

Once upon a time, you were a respected organization whose members risked everything, including their lives, to promote equality and the advancement of blacks. What happened to that organization? When did you not only lose your way, but your soul? For years, I and others who were not black contributed to the NAACP, but today, it will be a cold day in Al Gore’s globally warmed world before I give you another penny. I only give to worthy organizations that actually work for good, not pontificate nonsense.

Political correctness has dominated relations between the races for the past few decades. It is my firm belief that it has done much more damage than good. People from different races and cultures are afraid to speak to one another for fear of saying something offensive. Groups like yours hid behind the guise of political correctness and used it as a sledgehammer; instead of knocking down walls between people, you pummeled the people themselves. People lost their careers, their livelihoods, and the respect of others as the label “racist” was used more frequently and ever more inaccurately, for saying and doing things that were not racist, but “deemed” so by groups like yours in ever-narrowing ways. Yet, you continued on, not worrying that real racism was not being addressed and using political correctness to get your way. You grew drunk with the power it gave you. As with most drunks, you got what you wanted in the short term….and ruined yourself with others in the long term.

In years past, to be accused of being a racist was a real insult; it made you seem less of a human being. Now, the word is tossed out so often and with such inaccuracy that people merely laugh. You jumped on the political correctness bandwagon and sprayed an entire organization with a false label of racism, not realizing you brought your once-fine organization down to its knees. You have become a laughingstock. Now, once revered leaders like Congressman Lewis have smeared themselves with their lies, all to advance an agenda.

I hate to tell you this…nah, no I don’t…but your agenda is dead. The final insult of releasing a statement against Tea Party members (and yes, we know you backpedaled on the original “racist” designation for the Party), while ignoring voter intimidation at its worst, has shown you to be the cads you have become. Your founding members fought and sometimes died not to be intimidated at the polls.

You should be ashamed.

A Former Supporter

Annmarie Spiciarich is a retired police sergeant. She has a MA in Forensic Psychology, with a certificate in Terrorism from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She currently works as a community mental health counselor at a suicide hotline. Check out her website and contact her at: www.NotWithoutRepresentation.com or her blog at http://NotWithoutRepresentation.blogspot.com