What is better than electoral college allocation by congressional district? Creating 50 states of equal population.


While many state Republicans are trying to do reform the electoral college by allocating votes based on congressional district, here is a better idea: reorganize the states in a fashion so that every state would be of equal population. Such a proposal would do much to address the problem of population nexus points (typically heavily Democrat voting areas) in states dominating the rest of the state.

I live in Oregon, a moderately blue state, where just about all statewide elections are decided by last minute votes coming in from Multnomah County (Portland). Such was the case of the 2008 senate race and 2010 governor race. While the allocating electoral college delegates based on congressional district is a step in the right direction, the problem remains that such states are population-imbalanced, creating states where elections are decided by one,two, or three counties. To the other 20+ counties in the state that vote separately from the most populous counties, your vote doesn’t matter much, as what your county wants to happen seldom happens. This idea of 50 states of equal population intrigued me, as with this map from Neil Freeman at Fake is the New Real shows, each heavily populated metropolis, with some exceptions, has its own state and not a whole lot of other areas, removing the problem of population-imbalanced states, or states with a lot of rural, non-metropolis areas, and one or two counties that comprise the metropolitan area which decides statewide elections.

A link to a site with the map and idea is below: http://fakeisthenewreal.org/reform/ .

Freeman says that this is not a serious idea, but I think otherwise. I, for one, want to see that as a reality and even went to the trouble of creating a White House petition to do just that.



Credit: Neil Freeman