Uh Oh

We may have just been screwed over on health care reform by the so-called ‘conservative’ democrats once again, and maybe a couple Republicans too.

The libtards online are all in a kerfluffle over a ‘compromise’ (I say that in quotes because its really even more intrusive) that would drop the words ‘public option’ in exchange for massively jacking up government intrusion into your private health decisions. Hot off Franken’s absurd stunt on the senate floor forcing himself into a Republican amendment, the trial balloon being floated about by the white house ‘compromises’ by putting in place exactly what Candidate Obama spewed all over the stump last year: Opening up the Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan.

The FEHB, administered by the Office of Personal Management exploits the ridiculous situation of the Federal Government being the largest employer in the country and lords that over companies, by doing things like requiring plans to limit their profits to 1.2 percent or they aren’t allowed to sell to federal employees. Only now it would be each and every one of us.

From whats being reported, all the D’s but Lieberman have weighed in in favor of the idea, and Collins and Snowe (RINOs-ME) are quote listening unquote.

I have a sinking feeling in my gut. Anybody got a second to be reassuring?

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