APs Cheney Analysis: vocal GOP leaders will be stopped!

Glad to read Warner Todd Huston’s piece on APs Cheney ‘analysis’: it was stomach-turning hackery, certainly – and I noted it was accompanied by a similar negative piece on Liz Cheney’s recent interviews — but would you expect anything else from the liberal media in regard to a former member of the Bush administration, or anyone who openly disagrees with BO?  Ridicule and marginalize — that’s the way to divide and conquer, right?
As far as I can tell, the Cheneys are the only Republicans taking a visible and outspoken stand against this Administration and its boneheaded, politicized decisions — the rest of the GOP just rolls over.  Oh, wait, I forgot they’re keeping quiet and “listening” to the country right now.  I don’t know what Cheney did behind the scenes, or if he had any impact on BOs reversal on releasing those photos, but whatever you may think of him, Cheney’s demonstrated more conviction and persuasion than anyone I’ve seen in Washington lately. I just hope he stays to fight.  No one else seems to be willing.
The Limbaugh/Powell question on who to lead the GOP was ridiculous.  Hello? Leading the GOP?  Powell voted for Obama, and Limbaugh is not in politics — the face of the GOP, at least this week, is Cheney.  I’ll take it. Darth Vader 2012!