Humanitarian Undertakers

Elizabeth Toledo and Camino Public Relations have taken wordsmithing to a new level.  According to Toledo, Planned Parenthood is simply harvesting organs as a part of a “humanitarian undertaking.”  From the Weekly Standard:

“It’s not like someone comes and say like ‘I’d like to buy an arm,’ or something like that. It really doesn’t work that way,” Toledo told me. “They take the products of conception and they send it to whoever. It’s just not the kind of gruesome process” that critics suggest it is.”

According to a CPR staffer, “Aborted pregnancy tissue donation and research are humanitarian undertakings that hold the potential to cure disease, save lives, and ameliorate suffering.”  And, their so called humanitarian effort only requires compensation for “donating the ‘products of conception’ for research.”

Apparently, the needs of “Science” require that a few human eggs be cracked to make a better omelet for all, and the line cooks expect to be paid.  However, this leads to a few questions.  Does the farmer, aka the “tissue donor” receive any compensation?  After all, they did the hard work of waiting around until all those special organs were grown before presenting the fields for harvest.  And, once we’ve decided to use mothers as planting grounds and humans as raw material for experimentation, how far should we be willing to go in the name of saving humanity?  Cannibalism has the potential to save human lives from starvation, how long before PP is supplying the Soylent Corporation with raw material?

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