The Re-Writing of History is Continuing

Growing up in the 1970’s and 80’s, I knew what the meaning of the holidays was really about.  We always looked forward to Christmas and Easter Vacations, where we celebrated the birth and death & Resurrection of the Messiah, the Son of God.  But if you ask today’s children what the vacations are about, you will likely hear receiving presents, chocolate, peeps, eggs, Santa and the Easter Bunny!  When I say to them that they know nothing about the holidays, as it has nothing to do with us receiving worldly items, but the holidays are about a single person, and holidays was originally spelled holy-days, they look at me like I am crazy.  Our children are being neutered in respect to the importance of teaching religion, while parents seem too caught up on Reality-TV, to see anything, other than what the libtards from the left-coast, wants you to see.

Their first target was Christmas, the day we recognize the birth of  Jesus, the Christ (hence the name CHRISTmas), the Messiah  born to a virgin, the original presents, were presented by the three Maji (or Kings), was their acknowledgement of the birth of the King of all Kings, the Son of God.  Not to each and every child by a fat man in a red suit.  The Gifts that were given fragrances, incense, and gold, not stuff for an infant or child to play with.  About twenty years ago, the assault on Christmas began, and it has gotten to the point where they have prohibited children from celebrating Christmas at schools, and cannot call it Christmas Vacation, but call it “Holiday Break” now.

Now, about the same time the same people have fought to rid knowledge of the true meaning of Easter, and institute  a neutered meaning and observance.  As history (written nearly 2,000 years ago) records that the Messiah, was betrayed, executed by crucifiction on a Roman Cross, and then on the third day (the Sabbath Day of Sunday)  following his execution, he arose from the tomb and defied death, as was prophesied, for the forgiveness of the sins of mankind.   Fast forward to the late twentieth century, and how does the majority of the people in our nation recognize Easter, praising a rabbit for bringing children candy, eggs, candy eggs, marshmallow rabbits in a basket with plastic string to resemble grass.  What does any of that have to do with the Death and Resurrection of Christ!  Now move into the 21st Century, and Children no longer get Easter Vacation, they get “Spring Break”, which is connected to the festivity of the acts of debauchery by teenage children as well as young adult, partaking in drunkenness, drug use, and sexual promiscuity, which is a direct contradiction of the teachings of God and/or Jesus!

The last thing, is how we recognize time, until the last decade time was recognized as A.D. and B.C., which stood for Anno Dimini (Latin for “The Year of the Lord”) and Before Christ, respectively.  I was recently in a children’s church area, where I found something, I could not believe I would ever see in a House of God!  In a timeline painted in the hallway, I found the dates using the initials BCE (Before Current Era) and CE (Current Era) in place of BC and AD.  I was incensed, and questioned a member of staff from the Church as to why, they would allow the use of the terms that are used to remove Christ from the timeline of history in teaching the history of Christianity.  The staff member had no knowledge of what BCE or CE stood for, and when I explained it, she was upset as well, so the children who did the painting  have been taught history minus the fact about the existence of Jesus and are being sent into churches to spread the misinformation about the non-existence of Christ and nobody noticed it until a visitor to the building brought it to their attention.

The libtards are doing everything that they can to rewrite the history of mankind, to nullify any aspect of the Christian faiths of religion, and erasing Jesus Christ, and all aspects of faith based morality from our society!  It is our job to teach our future generations the history as it is written, and not how the left wants it taught!  As we get together with our families today to celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior and Messiah, Jesus  (the Christ) from Nazareth, who died for the forgiveness of our sins, as we repent our sins and strive for a sinless life, take the time to tell the children, that the day is not about a bunny, it is about a man, who was the son of God, who lived and died for us.  and take the time to read to them any or all of the Gospels, so they can start to learn the truth, and that will be the first step in ending the attack on Christianity and Conservative Values!


God Bless you all, and your families this Easter 2013!

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