Secular Progressive Educrats in NC Ask Public School Coaches to Rat Out Christians

On top of dealing with Common Core, drugs and sex in schools, and students (and parents) who want to cause them bodily harm, public school coaches in Moore County, North Carolina, have one more thing to worry about this week – Christians working in their schools!  GASP!  The horror!


The secular progressive educrats who work in the Moore County Public Schools are asking – nay, demanding – that all of their coaches answer a six-page survey titled “Staff Prayer Questionnaire.”  This overbearing questionnaire has dozens of questions in each section, including “Have you ever participated in or seen any prayers at any MCS [Moore County Schools] athletic practices games or events?”, “Which students participated in the prayer? (Be as specific as possible.)”, “Which employees participated in the prayer? (Be as specific as possible.)”, “Was it a Christian prayer?”, “Did students say ‘amen’?”, and “What was the content of the prayer? – i.e., what exactly was said?”  Yes, the Moore County Schools is going full Lois Lerner on its coaches, conducting a witch hunt by asking coaches to rat out fellow coaches who might be Christians.


But don’t worry – the “Staff Prayer Questionnaire” also asks coaches if anyone participated in a Jewish prayer, invoked the name of Allah, bowed to Mecca, meditated on the sayings of Confucius, etc.  NO!  JUST KIDDING!  HA HA!  The educrats would NEVER ask such questions.  The survey was clearly Christian-based (biased?), as you can see here.  I understand that each coach’s written answers to this “survey” must be turned in this week.


I hope these coaches stay strong in the face of secular progressivism.  I also hope they lawyer up.  It’s time to stand up and speak out, whatever the cost.