NC Voters: Remember the Chiclets!

Judge John Tyson, candidate for NC Court of Appeals, compared this year’s election in North Carolina to shopping for groceries. Most grocery shoppers plan to buy the main ingredients – milk, bread, eggs, meat, etc. When they get to the checkout counter, they decide at that point whether they are going to buy items like candy bars, breath mints, or Chiclets.


In this year’s elections, the “meat” is the races for US Senate and US House. Voters will go to the polls for these contests. When they get to the polls and see the ballot, they will decide at that point if they want to vote for anything else. Way down at the bottom of the ballot are the races for judges on the NC Supreme Court and Court of Appeals and the proposed amendment to the state Constitution (which would give certain persons accused of crimes the right to waive a jury trial). These are the “Chiclets” of the ballot. All conservative voters in North Carolina should remember the Chiclets in this election.


In the US Senate and House races in North Carolina, some folks like the cuts of meat that are offered this year. In other words, they are satisfied with the selections on the ballot. Others are less than enthused about their meat selection. Maybe they feel the meat selection is rotten or that the less desirable cuts of meat are the only ones for sale. Much has been made of many conservative and TEA party groups being…ummm…less than enthusiastic about Republican US Senate candidate Thom Tillis and US Congresscritter Renee Ellmers, among others.


However, our conservative friends in NC who are not planning on voting for candidates like Tillis or Ellmers – or who are not planning on voting at all – cannot stay home. If they do, they won’t be buying the Chiclets. This year, voting for the Chiclets is critical because there are a number of conservative reforms passed by our legislature – voter ID, redistricting, educational reform, school vouchers, tax reform, etc. – which are being or will be contested in state court. The Chiclets will have the final say-so on those issues and on the interpretation of our state Constitution. This year, persuade everyone you know in North Carolina to come out and vote for the Chiclets.


Below is the list of Chiclets. If you’re in NC, please print this off and take it with you to the polls. Whether you’re in NC or not, email it to everyone you know in NC, and mail it, hand-deliver it, fax it, or call and tell it to those who don’t have email. If you’re on social media, please post it on Facebook and tweet it on Twitter. Heck, send it in a smoke signal if you have to. And please, whether you’re from NC or not, contribute whatever you can to help these judicial candidates. There is already a liberal PAC set up to run ads against the conservative judicial candidates. Our candidates need funds to pay for TV ads, which are crucial in a state the size of NC. Please give to, vote for, and tell others about these Chiclets:

*NC Supreme Court Chief Justice: Mark Martin

*NC Supreme Court Associate Justice: Bob Hunter

*NC Supreme Court Associate Justice: Eric Levinson

*NC Supreme Court Associate Justice: Mike Robinson

*NC Court of Appeals Judge: John M. Tyson

*NC Court of Appeals Judge: Bill Southern

*NC Court of Appeals Judge: Donna Stroud

*NC Court of Appeals Judge: Paul Holcombe

*Proposed Constitutional Amendment: Against


To preserve the rule of law and the rights guaranteed in our state and federal constitutions, all conservative voters in North Carolina must vote for the Chiclets in this year’s election!

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