Conservative Judges MoneyBomb!

Conservative Judges MoneyBomb
My friends at the Al-Pam Republican Club are doing a MoneyBomb for North Carolina’s statewide conservative judicial candidates starting today, April 2nd, and running thru midnight on April 6th!  The goal is to raise $5,000.00 to support these constitutional conservatives.  If everyone can give just a little bit, the goal can be met!  PLEASE share this MoneyBomb, post it on your group’s webpage and Facebook page, forward it, Tweet it, etc..
The reason for this MoneyBomb is that North Carolina’s courts are under attack from the Left.  Conservatives have a bare 4-3 majority on the State Supreme Court and trail 8-7 on the lower Court of Appeals.  There are 4 seats up on the Supreme Court and 3 on the COA this year.  Conservatives can sweep the Supreme Court (to go 7-0) and flip the Court of Appeals…or lose both courts.  The supermajority conservative legislature recently passed voter ID, redistricting, teacher tenure reform, school vouchers, and many other conservative reforms, which liberals are already litigating in our state courts.  Former NC Gov. Jim Hunt (D) and his liberal allies are working to raise millions to flip the courts “blue” so that they will overturn these much-needed reforms.  Help prevent activist judges from taking over in North Carolina by contributing to the MoneyBomb today!
According to Al-Pam, all money raised will go directly to support judicial candidates who filed for the office for which they campaigned, and no latitude will be made for any last minute filing changes.  This MoneyBomb is not affiliated with any candidate or candidate’s committee.  Contributions are not tax-deductible.
Thank you!