NC State Court Judges are Critical in Redistricting Lawsuit

In 2011, North Carolina’s first GOP-led legislature since Reconstruction produced redistricting maps that significantly favor conservative candidates for the US House and both houses of the state legislature.  Unbelievably, Eric Holder’s “Justice” Department actually pre-cleared the maps, which means they may survive a federal court challenge.  However, liberal special interest groups like the “Southern Coalition for Social Justice,” whatever that means, have challenged the redistricting maps in state court.  Therefore, North Carolina’s appellate court judges will likely have the ultimate say on the maps.  And wouldn’t you know it, control of both the North Carolina Supreme Court and the North Carolina Court of Appeals is up for grabs in this year’s elections.

While NC’s judicial elections are technically “non-partisan,” each of the 4 races this year features one Republican and one Democrat.  Republicans hold a tenuous 4-3 majority on the Supreme Court, with Justice Paul Martin Newby up for reelection.  Justice Newby is a true conservative, is fair and experienced, and is regarded by many as an intellectual heavyweight on the Court.  However, the Democrats have found a candidate with a famous name to run against him.  If the Democrats win this seat, then the redistricting efforts of the state legislature – not to mention many other of its conservative reforms – may be in jeopardy.  All NC voters who want conservative judges who do not legislate from the bench should volunteer for Justice Newby’s campaign now.

Democrats have a 9-6 majority on the NC Court of Appeals, with 3 Dem seats up this year.  The conservative challengers are David S. Robinson, Marty McGee, and Chris Dillon.  The trial lawyers are lining up behind the Dem incumbents, and the conservative challengers need financial support.  Under NC law, judicial candidates have only until the primary day (May 8 this year) to raise all the funds they can for the general election.  Justice Newby has maxed out his allowable contributions, but David S. Robinson, Marty McGee, and Chris Dillon need help.  Please donate to each of these conservative judicial candidates ASAP!

In order to give, you must:

1. Be registered to vote in NC.

2. Give any amount between $10 and $500.

3. Give online OR via personal check (no cash or business checks).

If you are not from North Carolina, please share this information with all of your friends and relatives in NC.  If you are a registered voter in NC, please give and volunteer today!


The views are solely those of the author and are not authorized by any candidate, candidate committee, or organization.