Attention North Carolina Conservatives!

Dear NC Conservatives,

There are many important races on this year’s ballot, but the most critical races may be those for North Carolina’s appellate courts.  It is vital that we elect fair and impartial judges who will apply a conservative judicial philosophy.  It is even more important that we support these conservative judges with our contributions.  While most candidates can raise funds all year long, the judges have only until May 8 to raise at least $40,000  from at least 350 different NC registered voters.  Therefore, please make a contribution today to each of the following judicial candidates by contributing online or mailing your personal checks to the addresses indicated:

  • Court of Appeals Judge: David S. Robinson

Contribute online at http://www.robinsonfornc.com/donate/

Or mail your contribution to:

Robinson For Judge Committee

c/o Betsy McCorkle, Treasurer

P.O. Box 98694

Raleigh, NC  27624

  • Court of Appeals Judge: Marty McGee


Judge Marty McGee for Court of Appeals

P.O. Box 837

Concord, NC  28026

  • Court of Appeals Judge: Chris Dillon


Here are the rules for contributing:

  • Only NC registered voters may contribute
  • Personal checks or online contributions only (no cash or business checks)
  • Can be any amount between $10 and $500
  • Must contribute by May 8

Please note that Supreme Court Associate Justice Paul Martin Newby has already met his fundraising goal and cannot accept any more  contributions; however, please remember to vote for him in the November election and sign up to volunteer for him at http://www.newbyforcourt.com/!

Finally, please share this important information with everyone you know.  We must help these judges reach their fundraising goals this month! You may find more information about these judges by visiting NC Experienced Conservative Judges on Facebook.  Thank you for your help!

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