Judges Matter

A federal court incredulously holds that it is unconstitutional for voters of a state to amend their constitution to provide for traditional marriage only.  An elementary school prohibits a student from giving out Valentines to his classmates because the Valentines contain a citation to a Bible verse.  The current Administration now not only is going to order you to buy health insurance, but it is going to order faith-based employers to provide insurance coverage for birth control and abortion drugs, despite the  employers’ religious convictions.  What do all of these issues have in common?  They will all be decided by judges.  What is the message for this 2012 election year?  Judges matter.

Despite the best efforts of special interest groups, voters in North Carolina still have the right to elect their judges at both the trial and appellate levels.  While there are many important races in North Carolina in 2012, the most important races are for the statewide appellate courts.  Many critical issues, including redistricting, the state budget, and the definition of marriage are likely to come before the N.C. Court of Appeals and the N.C. Supreme Court.  If you believe our state and federal constitutions should be interpreted as their respective framers intended, and if you believe that judges should state what the law is, not what it should be, then you need to spread the word now to every voter you know in NC about the conservative judicial candidates for 2012.  This year, the conservative judicial candidates are:

  • Supreme Court Associate Justice: Paul Martin Newby
  • Court of Appeals Judge: David S. Robinson
  • Court of Appeals Judge: Marty McGee
  • Court of Appeals Judge: Chris Dillon

The first thing your friends in NC need to know is that these candidates will be on every ballot in North Carolina, so that no matter where your friends live in NC, they can – and should – vote for ALL of these candidates.  Next, they need to know that judges are NOT listed by party on the ballot in NC.  Therefore, even if your friends vote a straight ticket, they must vote for each of these judges separately.  Third, your friends need to get involved.  These judges need volunteers, donations, and support.  Your NC friends can find more about each of these judges by visiting NC Experienced Conservative Judges on Facebook.  There, they will find each judge’s website and learn how to volunteer, get signs and bumper stickers, and attend campaign events.


Fourth, your friends need to spread the word.  Please ask them to tell all of their friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors about these judges.  They should contact people by word-of-mouth, letters to the editor, email, Facebook, Twitter, and any other way they can think of.  These judicial races are critical, and they don’t get much publicity from the mainstream media.  Therefore, it’s up to all of us to spread the word.  Finally, your NC friends need to get organized.  They may want to consider asking their local
conservative political party, women’s/men’s organization, or TEA Party to have a “judges’ night” where these conservative judicial candidates are invited for a special
candidate forum, and to spread the word about such candidate forums to their local print, TV, and radio media outlets, and don’t forget to include local colleges and universities.

Judges matter, and for North Carolina in 2012, judicial races are the most critical of all.  Without judges who are willing to stand up for the law and the state and federal constitutions, it matters not which party controls the other branches of government.  Please help spread the word and get involved in NC’s judicial races today!