New York = Clueless

I will never understand what goes through the minds of most New Yorkers at election time.  Maybe it’s because I’m a Southern boy, but I just don’t get what those Yankees are thinking when they go into the voting booth.  They vote for candidates who favor unions, higher taxes, more regulation, etc.  Then they get mad when their state’s economy goes belly-up, and they move down here to get away from it.  When they get here, however, they continue their voting patterns that got their home state in trouble in the first place.  But I digress.

The latest madness concerns the NY governor’s race.  Apparently at the NY Democratic Convention recently, the party nominated Andrew Cuomo to be their candidate on the November ballot.  Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels, protested Cuomo’s “coronation.”  However, that’s actually NOT the funniest part of the story.  MyFoxNY’s story contains the following:

“Andrew Cuomo is trying to position himself as an outsider.  The state’s Attorney General is the son of three-term governor Mario Cuomo.”

Nothing like nominating a career politician who’s the son of a career politician to be your next governor, and portraying him as an “outsider.”  You know what?  New Yorkers will buy it.  They seem to buy anything a Democrat sells them.  They bought the carpet-bagging Hillary Clinton’s crap…twice.  You know, Hillary?  The one who is a Yankees fan, but was a Cub Fan?  Or was it Cardinals fan?  She may be a Mets fan this week.  Or Hillary…the one who once was a Republican but now is a Democrat?  They’ve also bought the crap of Chuckie Schumer, Goldman’s Golden Boy and probably one of the most sanctimonious, preening media-whores in the Senate.  Ever.  And that’s saying something, especially considering that one John Edwards once (dis)graced its hallowed halls.

Come on, New York.  Get some guts and some brains and realize that Cuomo is no outsider, no matter how he wants to spin it.  Realize that there are some other candidates out there you could choose from.  Stop buying the liberals’ crap.  Heck, as much as it pains you, you can even take a hint from … (gasp) … New Jersey.