Meet Bill Randall (R-CAND, NC-13)

Well, I was going to do a full-scale bio and plea for support for Bill Randall, conservative Republican for Congress in North Carolina’s 13th District, but blogger RandysRight beat me to it.  So, before I copy and paste his spot-on post from ConservativeNC, let me say that Randall is running in the Republican run-off election to be held June 22.  Turnout is normally VERY low in run-offs in NC, so please help spread the word about Bill Randall in the 13th District.  And please donateto help him.  Without further ado, from RandysRight, meet Bill Randall:


“I hope you will take a few moments to check out Bill Randall, conservative candidate for Brad Miller’s 13th District (NC) seat in Congress. Bill is heading into a run-off election against Bernie Reeves, the Republican “machine” candidate. That will be later in June. If Bill wins that primary, he will face the extremely liberal Pelosi-clone, Miller, on Nov. 2nd.  As friends, I’m going to ask you for a few things…  

Please look at Bill’s web site.   [for those of you in NC who are not sure if you’re in the 13th District, here is a link to the District map.]   

If you agree with his conservative political philosophy (and I already know most of you do), please consider donating to his campaign.

 His opponent may have the machine “till” to draw from, but Bill has the Constitution and hopefully, people like you backing him……but running still takes money.   Please forward this to anyone you know may appreciate Bill’s leadership and ask them to do the same.   Also, it takes more than money to sustain a campaign; if you don’t have money to donate, then your time can become a valuable donation.   Lastly, we need your vote in the upcoming primary.   We need to change Congress this year, and if we don’t, I think we already understand what the consequences will be.

PLEASE help !   http://www.randallforcongress.com/
Cue-tips from Bill……  

Bill Randall will be the next Congressman for the 13th Congressional District of North Carolina. For that to happen, your efforts will be invaluable to get out the Randall message and encourage those you call to vote for him.  


Economy– Supports a market-based, free enterprise; capitalist economic system that results in lower taxes and much needed economic growth.  

Jobs-Believes the American economy can only succeed when individuals have more of their own income to spend and businesses have money to invest and create jobs. He will fight hard to support conditions that favor private-sector job creation.  

Education– Passionate about improving education quality in public schools and ; school choice through private and charter schools. Believes school curricula must be expanded to teach the founding history of our nation including the Constitution and our natural rights and restriction on governmental powers emanating from it.  

Second  Amendment-When elected as your Congressman in November 2010, Bill Randall will be your front-line advocate for the 2nd Amendment. Bill Randall will work hard to ensure the RIGHT to bear arms doesn’t dissolve into a government-constrained “privilege” to bear arms.    

Immigration– Avid supporter of “legal‟ immigration to the US; will fight for strong border enforcement, mandatory utilization of the existing E-verify system and penalties for those who hire illegal immigrants. We are a nation of laws and our immigration laws must be respected and fully enforced.  

Israel-Bill Randall supports Israel in its dedication to democratic ideals, its efforts to secure the safety of its people and he believes Jerusalem is the Israeli capital-not a settlement.  

Iran-Iran must give up its nuclear ambitions-until that time we must not provide legitimacy to a rogue nation that threatens to wipe Israel off the map.  

Military-With 27 years in the Navy, and having achieved the highest naval NCO rank (‘Command Master Chief’), Bill has an intimate understanding of the importance of our armed services. He is fully committed to preserving our national strength while working to extend peace, freedom and human rights to people throughout the world.  

Energy & Environment-Use what is ours (oil in ANWR, the Bakken formation, Natural Gas supply, etc) and thereby reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Common sense environmental policy, including alternative energy sources, are needed but strongly oppose any Cap and Trade program (carbon credit exchange).  

Marriage-Marriage is a sacred relationship between one man and one woman.  

Right to Life– Bill believes in the sanctity of life and that elective abortion is wrong.  

Taxation-Bill Randall supports and believes in the Fair Tax – that is, the replacement of income and other taxes with a consumption (sales) tax.  

Government Spending– Current deficit spending is out of control and risks our economic stability and security within the world. Spending and revenues (taxes) must be reduced to bring our deficits under control and to reduce the size of government .”


I’m with RandysRight on this one, and I hope all RedState readers out there will join in supporting Bill Randall for U.S. Congress in NC’s 13th District.  Tell your NC friends and relatives, and please send a donation.  The 13th District covers two of the three biggest media markets in NC, so Mr. Randall needs help getting his message on the air.  Thank you so much, and onward to victory in 2010!