Sending congressmen lumps of coal for Christmas

This is quite funny…a Richmond-area resident has teamed-up with a local radio station to send real lumps of coal to members of Congress (just in time for Christmas):

For $7.99 and three optional donation amounts to the Alden Aaroe Shoe Fund holiday drive, Melancon will pack two to three ounces of America’s favorite energy source in a plastic baggy and ship it with a choice of two finger-wagging form letters admonishing your congressman or congresswoman.

And it’s bipartisan, too:

The idea may come from the right, but Melancon says it’s a gift appropriate for any member of Congress; the choice of accompanying letters can be customized to wag liberally or conservatively.

You can place your orders here at the WRVA site or here, where you can learn more about the program.

Oh, and the top lump of coal recipients so far? Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Jim Webb and Jack Murtha.

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