Democrat Steve Shannon Gets Slapped by Virginia NAACP

Oh, the irony. After Democratic AG candidate Steve Shannon darkly warned that Republican Ken Cuccinelli might be  a closet segregationist because he happens to believe the Tenth Amendment actually means what it says, the Virginia NAACP takes Mr. Shannon (and Bill Bolling) to the woodshed for backing out on their candidate forum:

Khalfani mentioned their absences multiple times in front of the more than 100 people gathered at the Richmond Marriott for the candidate’s forum as part of the group’s annual conference.

He told the audience how Shannon initially agreed to come but then canceled two days ago with a phone call in which he said he assumed his Republican opponent Ken Cuccinelli was not attending either. Actually, Khalfani said, Cuccinelli was the first of six statewide candidates to RSVP and did so personally.

What’s that old adage about “assume”?

Oh yeah…it makes an ass out of you and me.

And Steve Shannon, too.

And it gets even better

Via Bob Holsworth, who was at the event, we gets this perspective:

The comments made about Shannon in absentia were the talk of the evening among the few members of the media who were present.

The irony was not lost among them.

At a debate yesterday Shannon had raised the issue of race by arguing that Cuccinelli’s legal beliefs about “state’s rights” had been, in the past, the underpinning of practices such as secession and segregation.

24 hours later, with a beaming Cuccinelli present and accounted for in the front row, the NAACP forum moderator tells the audience that the Democratic candidate who could not make their event simply assumed that a Republican candidate would blow them off.

This is rich.  And for Shannon, the timing couldn’t be worse, coming on the heels of polling data that found him trailing Cuccinelli by 15 points (and losing by 10 in Northern Virginia…ouch).