Cuccinelli v. Shannon...and Comedy Gold

Greg at the great Black Velvet Bruce Li blog posts a video from the Virginia Attorney General debate last night between Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Steve Shannon.

It’s amusing in that Shannon appears not to understand how the AG’s office is structured, or functions, but does have a firm grasp of his talking points (which, if they came out of a Republican’s mouth, would give the press a serious case of the vapors).

But afterwards, there are the Shannon campaign staffers, doing whatever they can to prevent Greg from taping Shannon’s answer to a reporter’s question — the same question Cuccinelli asked during the debate.

It’s comedy gold.

There’s a reason why the most recent polling has Shannon down by 10 points…and part of it is because, as the video shows, Steve Shannon doesn’t have a clue about what the Attorney General does, let alone how whatever he says on the campaign trail can have serious, legal consequences.

Add to that his contempt for tea party activists and his blundering on whether to call a special legislative session to deal with the Supreme Court’s Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts ruling. Cuccinelli got out in front of the issue and pressed for a special session.  Shannon called it a “stunt.” Governor (and DNC chairman) Tim Kaine agreed with Ken.

No wonder Shannon’s staffers are so desperate to keep anyone from recording his informal remarks.