In Which Tim Kaine Sticks a Fork in Creigh Deeds

If true, this may make for some interesting talk at the Democratic Party of Virginia’s next mixer. And even more interesting is that it comes from the chairman of the Waynesboro Democratic committee:

The bad poll news comes on the heels of a story circulating in Democratic circles today that the Democratic National Committee is reportedly holding on to its $5 million financial commitment to the Deeds campaign out of concern that the Deeds campaign has focused too much of its attention on the controversial Bob McDonnell 1989 grad-school thesis setting out a hardline social-conservative political agenda for his budding political career and not enough on putting down a framework for what a Deeds administration would do for Virginia.

Proving that even a nice guy like DNC chairman and sometimes-Governor of Virginia Tim Kaine isn’t above shanking a fellow, in-state Democrat…whom he has endorsed…and campaigned for…when real money is on the line.

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