Jimmy Carter to Receive "Humanitarian Award" from JMU

The former President, who not only manages to still stalk the earth, but also rather colorfully inserted himself into the headlines by calling opponents of the current incumbent “racist,” will receive an award for his “humanitarian efforts” tonight from James Madison University’s Mahatma Gandhi Center for Global Nonviolence.

The topic of his talk will be “the path to peace in the Middle East,” which one can only assume will not include any of his anti-Jewish ravings nor any references to his own affinity for segregation.

Unless it does, in which case, James Madison University may have a PR nightmare on their hands…if they don’t already.

And one does have to wonder…what would Gandhi think about all this?

No matter, really. According to our own Gov. and DNC chairman) Tim Kaine:

“‘The Carters’ presence in the commonwealth will serve to highlight, especially for our young people, the values [they] both embody in promoting peace, freedom, human understanding and the alleviation of human suffering.'”

Unless those people disagree with the president. Or are Jewish. Or black. Otherwise, Jimmy’s one super guy.

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