Misleading Tea Party Robo-calls?

Eric McGrane, one of the Richmond Tea party organizers, sent this note overnight:

There is a robo-call telephone campaign being waged against the tea party event that is misinforming the public as to the correct date/time for the event.

Please be aware that the event is **STILL** being held on April 15th @ 6:00 at Kanawha Plaza in downtown Richmond.

Please check with any others that you know are attending to be sure that they still have the correct date/time.

I assume our event is being viewed as a threat, because we’re now seeing dirty tricks being waged against our efforts. Fight on!

I received a generic robo-call asking me to attend a Tea party last night (caller id as FRNKCMPN…which seems to be a political polling firm). It wasn’t misleading, though it was greatly annoying…robo-calls are the province of pols who’ve run out of ideas and the marketing firms who readily milk them.

However, if, as Eric says, there is a misinformation campaign underway, then that shows folks are paying attention…and perhaps a bit worried that these events just might turn into something big.


It seems there was no nefarious plot to undermine the Richmond Tea Party — rather, it was a case of someone with good intentions (who has been making these calls nationally), who simply got the start time wrong.

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