McDonnell's Got a Big Idea

As is now becoming more well-known, Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell has a bold idea that could change the tenor and direction of the gubernatorial contest — a proposal, still being debated — to eliminate Virginia’s income tax.

There is still a great deal of work to be done on this issue, and it is quite possible the particulars may be so daunting that it never sees the light of day. But at least they are beginning to think about and wrestle with big ideas, rather than opening yet another bag of relatively safe, if not utterly banal, wedge issues.

Virginia Republicans won majorities on the basis of big ideas. They abandoned that approach in the last decade and have suffered for it. Eliminate the income tax? That’s big — so big it may be impractical. But as Dr. Bob Holsworth notes:

…a number of Democrats…expect McDonnell to run a cautious campaign. But given the mood of the voters this year, Virgil’s axiom that “fortune favors the bold” may be excellent advice.

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