The Frederick Saga Deepens

Jim Riley’s sources say Jeff Frederick has no intention of leaving his post as RPV chairman.

I suppose that’s admirable, and really, not unexpected. This, however, was interesting:

Those same sources say that Del. Morgan Griffith is whipping the vote count on SCC to make sure that there are at least 20 votes in support of Jeff so as to defeat the attempt to remove him. There are claims that some people signed on to the letter without fully understanding exactly what it was they were signing on for, with some believing that it was merely to bring up the allegations for discussion, not removal.

Hmmm. Considering the hot water Griffith got Frederick into over the possible Ralph Northam party-switch last month (that would have switched control of the Senate from Democrat to Republican), I can see why Griffith would set aside his duties as House majority leader to engage in a little fence-mending for Frederick.

But it ought to be somewhat disturbing that some Republican Party committee members can’t read, or understand, what they are signing.

Can’t anyone in Virginia play this game?