The Circular Firing Squad Finds a Target

After an aborted attempt to remove Jeff Frederick as RPV chairman at its December “Advance,” it seems as though the discontented are, again, telling Frederick to go, and with a 30 day deadline to do so.

Even better are the proposed replacements — Tom Davis and former Del. Paul Harris.

It is to laugh.

There may be plenty of solid reasons to remove Frederick from his position. There may even be the votes to do so and make it stick. However, would a change at the top really make a long-term difference in the RPV’s fortunes? Doubtful. Installing a new captain on the Titanic after it hit the iceberg would have made no difference. And those baying for blood would be wise to consider the long term consequences. Does the RPV wish to be seen as a modern version of a banana republic that changes its leaders on a whim? Perhaps so. And if that is the course they wish to take, then happy trails.

But maybe Mr. Frederick does go and takes his baggage with him. Are the rumored replacements really better? I can already tell those slobbering after Davis (whose disdain for RoVa is a thing of legend) that if they really want to see their fortunes sag, then by all means, give Tom the job. As for Harris…he’s an amiable man who, since his sole term in the General Assembly, has been mentioned as a possible candidate for every office under the sun. He is the Republican equivalent of former Democratic Rep. L.F. Payne, but without the charisma.

Which, oddly, could be just what the RPV needs right about now.