McDonnell and Frederick Speak

Ryan Nobles at NBC 12 here in River City (Richmond, to you out of towners) has the statements of both GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell and RPV chairman Jeff Frederick on today’s events. First, from McDonnell:

“I am aware of the grassroots effort initiated by the State Central Committee to seek new leadership at the Republican Party of Virginia. This process is being handled within the State Central Committee, and is an internal Party matter. It is clear to me, after hearing from Republican leaders across the state, that as we move forward with our campaign, as well as the other statewide and House of Delegates races, it would be helpful for the Republican Party of Virginia to have more effective leadership in this pivotal year. I look forward to continuing to run an inclusive, grassroots campaign that is reaching voters all over Virginia with our good-government, conservative message of job creation, opportunity, and results for all Virginians.”

Nice way to stay on message, while still managing to stick the boot in. Now Frederick’s prepared statement:

“Yesterday, I received notice of a Call for a meeting of the State Central Committee to be held on April 4. The central purpose of this meeting will be a vote by the members of the State Central Committee to determine whether I will remain as Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.”

“Nine months ago, I was elected to this position by thousands of rank-and-file Republican volunteers and activists who attended our Party’s convention in Richmond. I was humbled by their support then, and I have worked hard to make RPV the responsive, effective organization they want and deserve.”

“My campaign for Chairman promised to change the way our Party had been operating. I pledged leadership that would be driven from the grassroots up, not the top down. I have kept that pledge, and am proud of the work we’ve accomplished in just nine months.”

“I will not retreat from the commitment I made to the core of our Party who clearly and unmistakably expressed their will at last May’s convention. I have every intention of continuing as Chairman and completing my term in May 2012. I have the commitments necessary to win the vote on April 4th, and will fulfill my term and the commitment to the people who entrusted me to lead our Party back to victory.”

Which one blinks first? The betting window is open…