Quote of the Day

Via Sen. Mark Obenshain comes a quote from Democratic Sen. Chap Petersen on HB 2506, a bill that would allow utilities to charge higher rates to customers to defray the costs of going “green.” Said the Senator from Fairfax:

“This will raise utility rates and save the environment at the same time.”

Looks like it’s time to start burning peat.

But not every utility customer will get nipped for Gaia’s sake. In the bill is this nugget:

The costs of new energy efficiency programs shall not be assigned to any large general service customer that has implemented energy efficiency measures.

So even if you, as an individual customer, have put in that new insulation, upgraded the windows, sealed all the doors and closed all the vents and turned the thermostat down as far as it will go…well, you’re still going to have to pay while the “large general service customers” who did the same, won’t have to.

We are all equal under the law. It’s just that some are more equal than others.

The worst part of this? It passed the House unanimously.

Thanks guys — you’re doing a heckuva job!