Play Nice

Gov. Kaine is going to use whatever tools he has to ensure that the Democratic gubernatorial candidates uses the right tone:

“We would like to keep it in acceptable bounds,” Kaine said. “I can see myself weighing in with these guys, saying, ‘Hey, think about November. You’re acting in ways that may not be helpful in November.’ ”

The three Democrats recently began waging what will be the state’s first seriously contested primary for governor since 1977. Kaine said all three will be under “intense pressure” to make sure they are “calibrating the right tone.”

That might have been possible when only Deeds and Moran were in the race. Maybe. But the McAuliffe juggernaut has already spooked Brain Moran out of his House seat and into a perfect snit from which he hasn’t recovered. Meanwhile, Creigh Deeds is burning up his Beatles albums (how long before he’s found curled-up in a darkened room listen to “Revolution 9” over and over again?).

Rather than urging grown-ups to adopt “the right tone,” perhaps the more useful approach would be a time out.

If works for two year-olds, surely it will work for sensible adults. If they can be found on the campaign trail, that is.