No Charters

Bart Hinkle relates a bit of a conversation the RTD recently had with Terry McAuliffe. It turns out the wannabe-governor doesn’t like charter schools:

“We don’t want to drain money out of the public schools.” The danger of charter schools is that “the public schools get left without anything.”

Nevermind that charter schools are public schools, and that Virginia’s charter law is as weak as a kitten. Any efforts to create more of them is a threat to…somebody (most likely the VEA, assorted race hustlers, and those who fear anything remotely associated with change).

If charters could somehow be linked to that magical alternative energy — chicken waste — McAuliffe would be all over the idea.

I know that Bob McDonnell likes school choice, and may make expanded choice (hopefully more than the halting half-steps that routinely get stuffed in the General Assembly) a part of his campaign.

It’s not a wedge issue. It’s a matter of justice and common sense. And what better place for a former Attorney General to be than on the side of the children…and their parents…and the taxpayers?