Oh That Ward

In the bowels of an article on Tim Kaine — the man and his legacy — there is a gem of a statement from House minority leader Ward “The Little Red Hen” Armstrong that’s worth sharing:

As for the statehouse, winning back the House this fall is a favorite, if unlikely, fantasy among Virginia Democrats. House Minority Leader and Delegate Ward Armstrong, D-Martinsville, says he’s certain it’s a priority for the governor.

“I think he’s been denied the opportunity to properly govern and [the Republicans] need to be eradicated,” Armstrong says.


“That’s a little strong,” he says. “Say that they need to go.”

That Ward…such a kidder. Or a viper.

There’s also a Preston Bryant sighting a bit further down the page (you remember him…the Republican Delegate who plumped for Mark Warner’s tax hike back in 2004 and was basically run out of the House Republican caucus shortly thereafter?).  Seeing him in print, or anywhere for that matter, is a rare thing, indeed. But poor Preston. He’s still searching for the number of the bus that ran over his political career. Let’s hope he finds it some day.

In the private sector.