Look for, the union label...

How does a purple state like Virginia begin to turn red again? Here’s one possibility: having all the Democratic contenders for governor (and Jody Wagner) show up at a picket line bearing food and good cheer. Have them walk the line, too. And make speeches. Oh, and make sure the picketers are outside a Hilton hotel, the corporate headquarters of which was just recently relocated to Virginia. The possible upshot?

…businesses will not ignore any decline in Virginia’s reputation as a state that respects workers’ rights by protecting their right to work. Across the river in Washington, Democrats are preparing an assault on secret ballots and American job creation. The times they may be changing in the Old Dominion, but we suspect Democrats are sorely mistaken if they believe Virginians are prepared to let our next governor turn their state into a Southern version of Michigan.

Oh I don’t know. After the governor’s aborted attempt to place AFL-CIO president Danny LeBlanc in his cabinet, the idea of seeing all three Democratic gubernatorial candidates (and Jody Wagner) parading on a picket line is rather small beer.

Still, the symbolism is important and, if the McDonnell campaign had any of its trusty campaign snoops with cameras on hand, they got it all on tape.