The Democratic Sniping Begins

From the diaries, by Erick.

The primary is months away, but if the emails are any indication, Democratic fur is going to fly. To wit: the McAuliffe campaign calls out the Moran camp…

“Brian Moran and his campaign have been spending a curiously large amount of time focused on someone who’s not even a declared candidate for Governor yet, and their tone has been surprisingly negative. I’ve known Brian Moran for a long time, and I know he’s a better Democrat than that. Terry McAuliffe is focused on having a conversation with and listening to what Virginians have to say as he decides whether or not to run for Governor. He is saving his criticism for Bob McDonnell, not great Democrats like Brian Moran and Creigh Deeds.

It’s like a Clinton flashback…the hurt feelings, the dismay, the vague sense that McAuliffe will, at the drop of a hat, unleash his own river or vitriol. But it could all be in response to this:

“Terry McAuliffe doesn’t fit Virginia’s New Democratic tradition,” said Moran spokesman Jesse Ferguson. “Virginians will wonder if he’s running for the right reasons.”

What, exactly, the “right reasons” are is anyone’s guess…though they probably relate to “moving Virginia forward.”

I suppose it’s better than hollering “mush” and cracking a whip over our heads. But only just.

And as for the idea that McAuliffe will raise $75 million to run a combined gubernatorial campaign/Assembly slate…now that would be a something to see, if for no other reason than it would give off that strong whiff of buying an election. Which is okay, if you’re John Corzine. But in Virginia?

You could buy the whole legislature for that amount of scratch (better check on that lemon law, Terry).

So what does this mean for the Republicans? First…enjoy the fun. For the first time in years, it’s the other side that will be slashing its own tires. But second…they need to consider the possibility that they will be outspent. Substantially. And that means they will have to run on ideas and stick to principles.

Oh dear.

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