Governor Kuccinelli - A must win for America

This is a passionate plea to Ken Cuccinelli to bring clarity to become the next governor of Virginia. But his stand on abortion is going to make key difference and right now it is confusing. It seems Mr. Cuccinelli is for healthy and safe abortion, but against “partial birth” abortion.

His web site states,

“I believe that all human life is precious, which is why I am a strong supporter of life. As a member of the state Senate, I worked to promote a culture of life in Virginia by working to end the gruesome procedure known as “partial-birth” abortion, advance parental consent, and improve health and safety standards to protect women’s health in abortion facilities across the Commonwealth”

Why is this confusion?  This confusing stance gives the leeway for opponent that Mr. Cuccinelli is against abortion even under rape and incest.’

May be the truth is Mr. Cuccinelli is not at all against abortion, but he is portrayed as an extremist.

Please keep it simple. I would say that abortion should be Legal, Safe and want it it to be rare.

As a Hindu american, I am against abortion when the consummation is not immoral and illegal.  I am for abortion when there is rape, incest, medical reasons and out of wed lock.  I am against recreational sex and abortion culture.

A Hindu woman (dentist) from India died in Ireland, because doctors could not abort the dying fetus that infected the mother’s blood.

There was a monstrous rape and killing of a medical student on a running bus in New Delhi, India.

It is fresh in the mind of 2 millon Indian voters in United States.

I do not know the exact count of  Indians in Virginia. Indians are  the second largest ethnicity in Loudoun County.

It is Democrats that win all the Indian votes though Indian are social conservatives.

For Hindus, cow is sacred. Many hindus in America strictly adhere to religion and do not eat beef and many of them are strict vegetarians.

But regarding abortion, many hindus are not against it because it is not sacred to have sex out of wed lock in the first place. Abortion is legal in India one of the most religious country in the world.

Secondly, hinduism sets the rules, based on you duty.

If you are a priest you have set of strict rules; you cannot kill anyone.

If  you are a warrior/ruler it is your Karma and Dharma to fight war and kill. It is divine duty of the ruler to invade and kill demonic rulers.

If you are  running for priest, you can be against abortion under any circumstances.

But if you are running for Governor keep the abortion legal and safe.

As a governor you can improve the social conditions and prevent the cargo cult from spreading over the country.

As a governor you can provide counseling and save many babies from death when the pregnancy is not due to rape.

If you lose the election, you cannot save a single life. You will be nobody.

There are enormous opportunities to change the direction of people lives when you are in power.

Abortion is the result of culture of poverty. Eliminate the root cause, promote marriage and end casual sex.

The abortion stance by Mr. Akin and Mr. McClintock (Sp?) caused them lose their elections in their respective states.

People sent a clear message that abortion is not an election issue and people need to have their religions convictions to themselves and not bring it to election.

There are only fifty states. There is only one Virginia.   Mr. Cuccinelli has once in a life time chance to become the governor, please make that happen.